Our olive trees veil the foothills of Mt. Parnonas where Menelaus, the ancient king of Sparta and his wife Helen once resided. Olive oil was of great significance in the ancient world and served many purposes. It is this olive oil that we bring to you, the oil of Menelaus and ancient Sparta.

This ancient land where our trees grow is overseen by one farmer to maintain the level of care that is needed to produce a fine oil. The olives pressed to produce this extraordinary olive oil are 100% of the Koutsourelia variety. 

Our philosophy is to provide the consumer with pure unadulterated 100% organic extra virgin olive oil. This ensures a high polyphenol count and low acidity, so that the consumer can reap all the health benefits that olive oil promises as well as the great taste.

For laboratory analysis of our olive oil see "Why Menelaus" section. We are sure you will not be disappointed.